About Taste MIGF

Prepare yourself for Taste MIGF, the Spectacular Preview Event for the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival, which will be held at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2018.

Taste MIGF is guaranteed to excite you and your entire family and give you the chance to take a “Super Gourmet Safari” to get a glimpse of what to expect from this year’s Festival Restaurants as they gather under one roof in the “Theatre of Cuisines”.

All you need are Gastro Dollars to sample delicious creations from leading local resident chefs as they serve up tasting portions from their Festival Menus.

The portions are big enough to exhibit the creativity of the Festival Chefs but small enough to allow you to taste as many dishes from as many restaurants as possible.

Live music and cooking demonstrations add to the carnival-like atmosphere that will keep visitors in a festive mood all through the weekend. Apart from a Super Gourmet Safari, visitors can also shop at the Epicure International Gourmet Village and attend Epicure Lifestyle Workshops that include Master Chefs’ cooking classes, wine appreciation talks and other culinary happenings.

Also making a return is the LuxuryPlus Showcase where all things luxurious will be on display including high end properties, lavish holidays and branded goods. LuxuryPlus Workshops will also available to visitors seeking in-depth information on specific projects.

Meanwhile the brand new Taste of Malaysia section will offer mouthwatering fare from every state in the country. Here you can broaden your culinary horizons with the colourful cuisine of Malaysia!


Epicure International Gourmet Village

Shop for the best products at the Epicure International Gourmet Village where gourmet food and beverage vendors will sell everything from fine wines to exquisite cheeses, and a wealth of other mouth-watering delicacies from around the world. Live cooking demonstrations and wine tastings conducted by some of the vendors also give everyone a chance to sample products before making a wise buy.

Epicure Lifestyle Workshops & Master Chefs’ Cooking Classes

At the Epicure Lifestyle Workshops, appreciation workshops and cooking classes will be conducted back to back, from 1pm till evening, on Saturday and Sunday. The cooking classes will be conducted by Festival Master Chefs and guest chefs from 5-star hotels; whereas appreciation classes are facilitated by top notch experts in their respective fields, sharing their knowledge with visitors at TasteMIGF.

LuxuryPlus Showcase

The LuxuryPlus Showcase will feature a range of lavish goods, from high-end tableware and fine jewellery to extravagant holiday and bespoke art creations. Head here to explore the finer things in life!

Taste of Malaysia

Debuting this year is Taste of Malaysia, where visitors can savour delicacies from around the nation. Fare that is unique to each state will be on offer; for tourists and locals alike, this is the perfect opportunity to taste Malaysia’s diverse culinary traditions.


So make sure to mark the 1st and 2nd in your diaries! Taste MIGF promises to be a spectacular preview for the month-long MIGF 2018 that will heat up the Malaysian dining scene all through September.

Payment within the Theatre of Cuisines is by Gastro Dollars only; purchase this culinary currency here now to avoid long queues and receive a 5% discount.